Happy 46th to me! It’s time for my 2nd half!

It’s time to give myself another birthday gift! If you follow my blog you know that two years ago I gave myself the gift of happiness for my 44th birthday. I had found myself in an ironic state. Materially my life was wonderful but internally I was miserable. I had hit emotional rock bottom andContinue reading “Happy 46th to me! It’s time for my 2nd half!”

When is the last time you had REAL fun?

At what point do we decide that we should stop experiencing life and fun the way we did as a child? When do we decide it is juvenile to be silly and play unless it includes a child? More importantly than when, is WHY? I’ve half-heartedly asked myself these questions in the past, but thisContinue reading “When is the last time you had REAL fun?”