Gina Simpson is a dynamic and uplifting speaker. She leaves her audience feeling empowered and motivated. As a former motivational speaker for Monster.com, she has the ability to capture your attention in an interactive and fun manner. Gina has the “gift for gab” and a passion for helping others.

Below are her more popular presentations.

  • How Do You Show Up?
    • Everyone has a natural tendency to react to situations in a different manner. Gina talks in terms of energy and attitude to help craft a strategy to help  individuals learn to respond to situations rather than react.
  • Identify and Control Your Glitch
    • Everyone has a Glitch. Your Glitch will be your downfall and keep you from achieving the success for which you strive. How do you find your Glitch and more importantly, what do you do about it?
  • How Do I Keep Moving?
    • Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Gina shares her story of infertility, the death of a child and how she managed to keep going. It is a motivating story of perseverance and how to never give up, especially in the face of adversity.
  • Can Women Really Have It All?
    • Work life balance is a struggle for women. As a successful entrepreneur, professor, former CEO, wife, and mother, Gina shares how to find the best balance for you.

Do these topics interest you? Do you have other things in mind? Please feel free to reach out and Gina can customize a message for your group.

If you are interested in having Gina empower and uplift your group, please email her at Gina@SolunaStrategies.com.