What is a Coach?

Individual  Coaching

We work with individuals pursuing ambitious dreams to cultivate more energy and motivation to achieve their goals. We empower our clients while providing methods and tools for reducing the stress, anxiety and noise present in everyday life. 

What can you expect in a coaching relationship with Gina?

She is down to earth, honest, and compassionate, and her coaching style reflects that. More than anything, SHE WANTS YOU TO ACHIEVE SERENE SUCCESS!

Gina will empower you to chase your dreams while simultaneously reducing the feelings of chaos associated with striving for success. 

A Promise from Gina to You

“My job as your coach is to empower you to fulfill your goals and dreams while maintaining a peaceful, growth mindset. I will not promise you that you will be successful or guarantee you’ll be able to eliminate all stress and anxiety from your life. Maintaining a life low in stress and high in achievement is not easy, but it’s worth it. I will walk with you through it all and help you to find the power and energy within you to be successful.”


I Love What I Do! I Want that for You Too!

“I will work with you on creating serene success. I also will work with you on self-development that will benefit your career and your life. I mix coaching on business matters with personal life coaching. It’s a very effective combination that I think you will enjoy and I know you will find beneficial.”



Email Gina at Gina@SolunaStrategies.com to set up your free coaching consultation!