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We Empower Women!

Most of my professional life has been in male dominated industries and I've never thought, "I can't do that because I am a woman." I owe my parents a great deal of credit. Growing up it never occurred to me that women were treated differently in the workforce. I have known always that I have… Continue reading We Empower Women!

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5 Steps for Identifying, Evaluating & Conquering the Fear Holding You Back

Tonight, I will prove that I looked fear in the face and conquered it. It tried to back me down, but I overcame it. I will be playing my first tennis league match. You might read that sentence and think it’s not a big deal, but let me assure you, it is to me. I’ve… Continue reading 5 Steps for Identifying, Evaluating & Conquering the Fear Holding You Back

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The Positive Side of Loss

Losing loved ones is extremely difficult. After losing my father, a daughter, and several pregnancies I experienced bouts of deep depression and pure sadness. Other times I was angry at how unfair life can be. Grief can be consuming, and everyone deals with it in different ways. I found that I dealt with my grief… Continue reading The Positive Side of Loss

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Happy 46th to me! It’s time for my 2nd half!

It’s time to give myself another birthday gift! If you follow my blog you know that two years ago I gave myself the gift of happiness for my 44th birthday. I had found myself in an ironic state. Materially my life was wonderful but internally I was miserable. I had hit emotional rock bottom and… Continue reading Happy 46th to me! It’s time for my 2nd half!

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When is the last time you had REAL fun?

At what point do we decide that we should stop experiencing life and fun the way we did as a child? When do we decide it is juvenile to be silly and play unless it includes a child? More importantly than when, is WHY? I’ve half-heartedly asked myself these questions in the past, but this… Continue reading When is the last time you had REAL fun?

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My Dad was J-Bird (and he was awesome!)

My Dad was J-Bird. He was quite a large personality in the small town in which we lived. J-Bird was the fire chief, an ambulance driver, a county commissioner, and unwavering public servant. As one of 17 children, he learned from necessity how to provide for himself and others. (Yes, 17 children from one mom… Continue reading My Dad was J-Bird (and he was awesome!)

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Be a Rock Star!

My life has been super busy and crazy lately. I found myself completely overwhelmed and needed to press a reset button. Last week I shared my thoughts with you on how I get my mojo back. Thank you all for reading and sharing my blog! Most of all thank you for your kind comments. You… Continue reading Be a Rock Star!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me! I recently celebrated my 45th birthday. This year I feel completely different than on my last birthday. Last year I was in a rut and looking for an escape from the hamster wheel in which I had found myself trapped. If you have followed my blog over the last year, you… Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!

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Finding Balance

Have you ever given yourself a birthday present? Most people don’t think to get themselves something. I know that I never have, but last year in September on my 44th birthday I decided to do just that. As my birthday approached, I could not shake the feeling that something was missing from my life. I… Continue reading Finding Balance