About Gina – “I was a free lunch kid…”

Now she is a successful entrepreneur and business coach. Let her help you grow your business or career and find the SUCCESS you’re seeking! Gina Simpson is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, coach and creator of success for herself and for others.

As you can see, Gina was a free lunch kid. Her family was the epitome of the working poor that is so prevalent in the United States. Gina’s parents worked their fingers to the bones to provide for them. Gina wasn’t a free lunch kid for her entire childhood, but that short time it happened motivated her to action. She wanted more from life. Luckily, she never heard the term “cycle of poverty” or knew that most “don’t make it out” because it might have become discouraged.  Rather, she worked hard and has had a very successful life. She now has a passion for helping others. With guidance and true caring, she believes anyyone that truly wants it, can be successful.

Gina lives in the One and Only Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide. She has been married for 18 years and has a feisty 8 year old daughter that teaches her more about life and management than she could have imagined. She has enjoyed a successful professional life and has shared those details on LinkedIn.

Gina’s passion in life is to help others help themselves. She freely shares her life journey in the blog, My Cafeteria Card, in hopes that you can find nuggets of hope and inspiration to feed your own journey. If you would like to partner with Gina, she would love to help you to find your happiness and success.

Email me at gina@freelunchkid.com to set up your free coaching consultation.